Fizjo Body Med

FizjoBodyMed is a professional, modern rehabilitation center and one of its biggest advantages is its staff consisting of highly qualified therapists who have wide knowledge and skills in different methods of physiotherapy, osteopathy and massage. Their services are intended for the people with pain syndromes, having a postoperative period and injuries and suffering from spine problems. To be more convenient to our customers the rehabilitation center is situated in the heart of Kraków and has a great access to the public transport with a posibility to get to each part of the city.

What we treat

Pain Syndromes

  • chronic and sharp pain syndromes
  • headaches and dizziness
  • migraine
  • neck pain
  • tendinitis of rotator cuff
  • tennis and golfer's elbow
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • shoulder impingement syndrome
  • jumper's knee
  • tendinitis of Achilles tendon
  • calcaneal spur
  • neuralgia
  • Muscular hypertonia
  • and many others...

Postoperative period of

  • spine
  • hip joint
  • knee joint
  • ankle joint
  • shoulder joint
  • elbow joint
  • wrist joint
  • bone fractures

Pains and spinal dysfunctions

  • ischialgia
  • femoral neuralgia
  • sciatic shoulder
  • neuralgia
  • lumbago
  • tingling and numbness in limbs
  • sensation disorders
  • discopathy
  • limitation of movement

Sports injuries

  • bone fractures
  • twisting
  • dislocation
  • ligament injuries
  • meniscus injuries

Dawid Ignacok

David holds a Master of Physiotherapy degree and he is a University of Physical Education in Krakow graduate. After he graduated he worked in a private physiotherapy practice for 5 years. He also did training courses in osteopathy, dry needling, the Mulligan Concept manual therapy, FDM (Facial Distortion Model), kinesiology, taping, FMT Blades and many others. He is a great enthusiast of human body science and a person who loves helping others. Highly professional, who approaches his patients' problems holistically, David would rather treat the reason than the symptom of an illness.

Iwona Morek

Iwona holds a Master of Physiotherapy degree. She graduated with distinction from University of Physical Education in Krakow and also got her knowledge and experience at training courses in N.A.P., pilates, kinesiology, taping. Iwona is ambitious, investigative, cheerful and open-minded and keeps looking for new solutions to her patients' treatment. She is fascinated with osteopathy and the way the human body functions.


A certified massage therapist with 14 years of experience. Offers medical massage (classical), lymphatic drainage and cupping massage. She has worked at such renowned SPA hotels as Hotel SPA Malinowy Zdrój (Solec Zdrój), Hotel Medical SPA (Solec Zdrój), Bristol Art & Medical SPA (Busko Zdrój). Her biggest advantages are experience, experise and what is the most important her passion and desire to help others.

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